SOL - Singularity Orbiter League

In October of 2015 I once again lead Studio Blimp in the annual 48 Hour Game Making Challenge. Based on three randomly selected words at the start of the contest, teams have 48 hours to make a video game from conceptualisation to final product.

The team this year was made up of Ben Osborn, Alex Driml, Andy Stein, Anya McNaughton, Tristan Lewis and myself.

The words this year were collapseswallow, and thief. After a bit of deliberation we decided to interpret swallow and collapse in the sense of a sun swallowing asteroids and gaining mass to the point that is collapses into a black hole. Thief was used as a gameplay mechanic, where players can stun their opponent with missiles in order to steal any asteroids they're carrying.

The game is played with a similar mindset to soccer, or basketball. Players move their ship about and bring floating asteroids into a gravitational field around their ship, before lining up a shot and releasing them towards their opponent's sun. When a sun consumes enough asteroids it collapses into a black hole, rendering the opponent victorious.

It was very rewarding seeing the game complete and being enjoyed by people at the end of the contest, and especially seeing new gameplay styles and tactics evolve that we hadn't even considered. For example, some players discovered that they could use their gravitational fields to fling an opponent's missile back at them if triggered and released with the right timing.

Equally rewarding was SOL earning us recognition as winners of our category, Newly Pro.

Project Specifics:

3D Modelling, Art Direction, Project Management, 2D Sprite Animation

Programs used:

Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects


Mac and PC build available here