Robots Can't Jump

Early in 2013 I was approached by Derek Van Tonder to help make the prototype for his game Robots Can't Jump, in which you play as an audacious little ground-bound robot called Artie/RT, ready to be shown at PAX Aus in July.

Recognising the herculean task ahead of us, I enlisted the aid of Ben Osborn, Elliot Lewis, Chris Vera and Andy Stein to help bring the game to fruition.

One of the primary tasks I undertook for this was taking conceptual designs from Ben and turning them into finished artwork for the game's app icon (styled to represent Artie/RT-1, the game's protagonist), booth signage as well as various 3D assets for use in-game.

Something I particularly enjoyed in this project was using Adobe After Effects to create our booth signage for PAX Aus. This allowed me to rapidly create and iterate on various effects and visual treatments to find the desired look and feel. After Effects also allowed me to work on the artwork at a scaled down resolution to save computing power - so whilst the final artwork is very high resolution, I was able to edit and work on it all in real time.

Thanks to everyone's combined efforts, the game was ready in time. Derek, Elliot and I flew down to Melbourne where we exhibited Robots Can't Jump in the Indie Pavilion of PAX Aus.


Bayside Games

Project Specifics:

3D Modelling, Texturing, 2D Sprites, Art Direction, Signage Art, App Icon, UI Design

Programs Used:

Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Maya