Man Down

The mission: Create totally rad pixel artwork for Yahia's iOS game, "Man Down", channelling some vibes from Broforce.

With a brief like that, of course I simply HAD to oblige!

One of the more interesting challenges of this project for me was providing artwork for a perpetual explosion at the top of the screen. So not only would I need to create an animated pixel art explosion taking up the width of the screen, but it also needed to loop! The project timeline and budget didn't allow for me dedicating hours upon hours of work to finely had-craft such a thing, so I turned to my good buddy After Effects for help. First I drew and animated a single explosion sprite. Taking this into after effects, I plugged that into a particle system which allowed me to have many copies of this explosion randomly generating within an area. Once I'd done some tweaks to loop the particle animation I was left with a pretty decent, very chaotic looking looping explosion animation.


Yahia Bouhlel

Project specifics:

Pixel Art, Sprite Animation, UI Design

Programs Used:

Photoshop, After Effects