Bumble Rumble

In October of 2013 I lead Studio Blimp in the annual 48 Hour Game Making Challenge in which teams have a 48 hour period to make a video game based on three randomly selected words revealed at the start of the contest. These words were growarms, and sticky.

The team this year comprised of Ben Osborn, Alex Driml, Andy Stein, myself as well as Kylie Halley who joined us as an honorary crew member for the contest.

All in all, we managed to put together a pretty solid experience and it was very rewarding to watch people enjoying the game we put together in less than 2 days. And thanks to the heroic efforts of Andy, Studio Blimp won the Best Audio award! You can check out the award winning OST here.

Project Specifics:

3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Texturing, Art Direction, Particle Effects, Project Management

Programs used:

Photoshop, Maya, Unity